The Author

Fabiana Salgado Vazquez is an 11-year-old. She was born on January 26, 2009, in Mexico City and became an American Citizen one year later after lots of trouble, thanks to the stubbornness of her father, a saga that deserves another book to tell the story. Her hometown is in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She attends Potential Christian Academy and is in middle school. This is her first book. She has a brother, 2 stepbrothers, 2 stepsisters, 2 stepparents, a beloved dog sister, Cookie, and a beloved dog stepsister, Alexandra. She loves to play soccer and basketball, for which she has won several trophies. She also likes the piano and is taking lessons presently. She loves to travel and understand other cultures and languages. It seems she likes to write, a lot. But most importantly, she loves, she gives, and she knows how to be grateful when someone has both love and knowledge to give